Just a few things on my mind

First Published - March 2019

Weekends are supposed to be for relaxing, switching off and doing all the things we enjoy doing, but that’s just not happening!

I’ve done all the morning chores, a little cleaning, quick shower and finally sat down to do what I want except I’ve become stuck. What should I do next? What can I do next? I procrastinate, scroll through every social media channel, comment, like, scroll some more…all to avoid what I could be doing…

Why can’t I just DO??

Well, as I sit on my patio in the cool breeze I sit and wonder, then realise there are a million little things on my mind, so I figured the best way to get over them is to get them out of my head onto a list. I may come back to it or I may not.

So in no particular order, here are the crazy things on my mind right now;

- Cauliflour – what can I do with it for dinner?

- Dinner? What are we having again?

- Chinese New Year – this starts on Monday evening, the neighbourhood is celebrating.

- Blog writing – well this is a non-starter…here it is!

- Flowers – I was going to buy some for my mum but just haven’t got round to it, does the thought count?

- Dengue Fever – my son has just recovered from his second bout.

- Football – my youngest is looking for a new academy, we’ve tried one but are looking at another - - Work – its going quiet for the next few days. Chinese New Year, means everyone is celebrating

Garden - Damn my lawn needs mowing again!

- Health – why am I not losing weight as fast as I would like to?

- Carbs – they’re almost out of my life. Refer to the above comment.

- Clouds – wish they had rain in them, we’ve had none for a few weeks

- Lunch – what are we eating? Shall I make a quiche or conquer the leftovers in the fridge?

- Colouring – one of my favourite past-times but I keep forgetting to start.

- Reading – ebook or paper? fiction or non-fiction? Self-help or chick-lit? Is doing nothing mindfully actually doing something?

- Cooking – meal plan for next week School Holidays – means more meal planning, they’re home for lunch too!

- Holidays – Go out? Stay in? Visit Friends?

- Wine – Always need some in the fridge

- Nibbles – those dangerous but all too necessary snacks, we have none.

- Meditation – really should do this more, but I keep falling asleep

- Naps – Oh yes!! The most powerful thing I can do for myself!

- Dogs – need a bath!!

- Online Shopping – things I want but don’t need, or do I?

- Sausage Rolls – Was going to make some…where do I begin?

- Photos – what to print? Frames – we need to buy them

- Shopping – we are going to run out of some things!

Better Out than In.

Okay, so now I’ve got all that out of my head and onto a list I do feel a lot better. My mind is no longer racing with insane thoughts, I can now sit, chill, relax and do what I want and leave the rest til another day….Oh hang on…isn’t that procrastinating too? Oh well..

Remember to get out of your own head and switch off for the weekend, and if like me, you’re brain is in overload, write it all down, no matter how small, fun or crazy it may sound. You’ll feel much better for it!